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Don't Go 04:51
Don’t go (D.Lastella – P.Naro) You used to carry me on your shoulders, I used to spend with you every day, But time passed and you got older, Meanwhile your child became a man. You helped me to face my problems, You showed me ways to find the truth, I shared with you my happy moments, But now I can’t stand losing you. Ooh father don’t go, Please don’t go. I’ve always thought you were my hero, I thought you’ll never leave me alone, But time has changed what’s in your mirror And now you say you have to go. But memory can face the time, Outruns the death, it’s like a flood, You’ll keep on living in the eyes Of the little boy you’ve always loved. Ooh father don’t go, Please don’t go.
Loser 07:08
Loser (D.Lastella – C.Lapenna) Rain, heavy rain soaks my coat, all around is going moist, All the wet men are on their own. Roads, all the cars are on the road,chasing just a place to go, all the drivers are on their own. Tell me what, tell me true, tell me what I feel for you. Tell me why, tell me true, tell me why I feel so blue. How can be hard to get a decent job in this marketplace we call world. I’m a red fish trapped in a bowl. I got my degree to answer this phone, my PhD to sell door to door, now I’d like to be on my own. Tell me kindly, tell me please, tell me what about me. Tell me slowly, tell me please, tell me if you love me. Ooh do you love me? When all you can hear are your steps and the drops of rain. When you’re the only passenger on an empty train which is always late. You can watch your eyes straight to the mirror you’re passing by and all you can see it’s just how I feel. I feel a loser! Time, it’s no time to make a change,there’s a time which looks too strange, there’s no time I get a chance. Sea, I’m walking just seaside, rolling waves sound inside, old and tired gulls start to fly. You, I don’t even know your name, I don’t know who’s to blame, but don’t worry it’s O.K., just the same. Home, I just want to come back home, I want someone I call home, but when I’m back I’m alone! Tell me now, tell me please, tell me what is wrong with me. Tell me why, tell me please, tell me why you don’t love me. Why don’t you love me? When you take a guitar and start to play and sing this song, or just when you stop to listen carefully its words. You can hear my voice, you can hear it behind this noise, and all you can hear is just how I feel. I feel a loser! When you’re down, when you touch ground, when everything goes bad all around,when inside of you, you can’t hear no sound. Don’t worry, raise your head, things can’t get worst, go ahead, try to not feel like you’ve failed. Even you feel a loser, like me! “Keep the faith and trust, that we will win!”


1. Don't Go - Featuring Phil Naro
2. Loser - Featuring Andrea Garrison
3. Incomunicabilità
4. Aprile (alternative version)
5. Loser (instrumental) (hidden)


released November 15, 2011

ifsounds are:
Franco Bussoli – bass guitar.
Enzo Bellocchio – drums.
Claudio Lapenna – piano and keyboards.
Dario Lastella – guitars.

Guests: Phil Naro – lead vocals on “Don’t go”.
Andrea R. Garrison – lead vocals on “Loser”.
Luca Di Pardo – drums on “Incomunicabilità” and “Loser”.
Núria Palau, Maria Miele, Alexandra Milas and Armando Varriano – strings on “Aprile”.
Produced by Dario Lastella.
Mastering by Steve Kitsch (
Cover art by Andrea Pinti.


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ifsounds Molise, Italy

The ifsounds project brings together the talents of a group of musicians, all very different from each other, whose idea is to create a sound that is able to express an emotion, to describe a state of mind, to recount a story, to make a journey into the realms of inner consciousness. ... more

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